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English For Biomedical Engineers

  • The assignments for this course will be available on this page. Every assignment has a deadline, which i will announce in class.
  • If you send the assignments after one week past deadline you will loose 25% of the score, and after 4 weeks the assignment score will be zero.
  • If there’s an extra scores part for the assignment, by solving them you get 25% more from the total score of the assignment.
  • For sending purposes, there are some rules which you can see below this page.


1. Please send all the assignments to this address: shsalmani.crs@gmail.com

2. The standard for every assignment according to your course is like below:

  • All files are in .rar or .zip format.


  • File (.rar or .zip) name should be like: CourseName_FirstName_LastName_NumberOfAssignment
    • Example: English For Biomedical Engineers_Ali_Alavi_1.rar
    • Example: Telemedicine_Ali_Alavi_1.rar
    • Example: Computer Programming_Ali_Alavi_1.rar


  • Subject of email: CourseName_FirstName_LastName
    • Example: English For Biomedical Engineers_Ali_Alavi
    • Example: Telemedicine_Ali_Alavi
    • Example: Computer Programming_Ali_Alavi
    • Example: Information Technology_Ali_Alavi


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